Principle of the Department

The department performs the scientific research in the field of chemistry, pursues the "engineering for the human's utopia", and made an education based upon the knowledge, the wisdom, and the experience of research accomplishment.

Aims of the Department

The department is performing the scientific research about molecules, substances and materials for man to obtain an affluent and comfortable life in the society harmonizing with natural environment. Throughout these research, the department aims to be a symbol of the community and also bring up the talented students, who can consider the people's safety, welfare and health in the present and the future, who can solve a problem from a large viewpoint with the insight into the future to contribute to creation of affluent society, and who can contribute to the development of the industry of the harmony with nature and human being by means of knowledge about chemistry and materials science which support the actual manufacturing. Our department, emphasizing on the basic education of chemistry and chemical engineering, aims to educate students to be engineers with flexible and comprehensive thinking ability in the field of advanced technologies as organic / inorganic chemistry and engineering, electronic material and polymer engineering, biotechnology, and development of advanced materials.

Objectives of the Department


<Educational Objectives Common to Engineers>
  1. Leaning the knowledge and ability to think what is the the human being's happiness and welfare. Education to the talented engineers to be able to consider the people's safety, welfare and health over the present and future.
  2. To realize the responsibility for society as an engineer (Ethics of Engineer), for example, understanding and responsibility about the influence of technology to the society and nature.
  3. To learn communication capacities, namely the ability of logical description, oral presentation and discussion in Japanese, and those acceptable internationally in English.
  4. To study fundamental knowledge about mathematics, science and technology (including Information Technology), and their application.
  5. Learning the lifelong study, which can be made with autonomy and continuously.
  6. To learn the designation to solve the problems in the world by means of science, technology and information.
  7. To study the capability to proceed and summarize works as planned under given conditions.
<Educational Objectives as a Chemical and Materials Engineer>
  1. Learning of the fundamental knowledge about science, e.g. mathematics, physics, and chemistry, and training of the consideration and judgement ability from the comprehensive and systematic viewpoint.
  2. To learn the knowledge about basic technology necessary for the chemical or materials engineering, and ability to apply for the solution of problems.
  3. To study industrial mathematics and computer application (including data processing and numerical analysis), and its application to the solution of problems.
  4. Learning the expert knowledge about chemistry required for the chemical or material engineers and its application ability to the solution of problems: organic/inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry, analytical chemistry, materials chemistry, biochemistry, polymer chemistry, energy chemistry, environmental chemistry.
  5. Education of application ability in chemical engineering and reaction engineering including thermodynamics, energetics, taking account of economy, safety, reliability and contribution to the society and environment.
  6. Training of the experimental technique.


The department aims to the following goal to adjust the highly information - oriented and borderless society in the 21th century and to create anew intelligence:
  1. Scientific research to build a peaceful and affluent society adjusting the global issue of humankind which would arise in the 21th century.
  2. Research strategy to the creation of wealthy culture and development of the society, according to the trend in globalization of community which is affected by the international and highly information - oriented society.
  3. Application research actively contributing to the culture of the community and industrial development.
  4. Training program for the the expert researchers and engineers with basic background as well as doctor course students to accomplish the investigation projects.

Contribution to the community

The department intensively performs the following service to be the university as a symbol of the community:
  1. Development of technology and offer of the seeds for the community's demand. Execution of joint research or trust research for the Industry - University cooperation.
  2. To perform the brush-up education for the talented people due to the community's requests. To provide refresh, return and repeat education.
  3. Enlightenment campaign by holding citizens' lectures or extension lectures.
  4. Opening the installations to the public.
  5. Participation to scientific societies or public councils from the academic standings.

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